Kanye West Is In Paris Right Now, Pretending to be 10,000 Minks


Look, we get it Kanye, they didn’t let you participate in that telethon for Haiti, even though you really wanted to. A producer claimed that you would “make everything about” yourself. “He will do anything to steal the spotlight,” said the anonymously-sourced dude who probably spends his days carrying George Clooney’s weed. But was the appropriate response to go to a chinchilla farm and just start carving ’em up until you and your girlfriend were warm enough to get on a plane and fly to fashion week in Paris? Maybe if you also wore a sweater on top of the white T-shirt you would need to decimate like 50% or 60% less of the world’s supply of animals that have hair. Ditto for Amber Rose’s lack of pants. I think the third of the coat covering that area would rather be alive. But who knows? They can’t talk now, can they? [Nah Right]

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