Perhaps You’d Like to Stay at the Roger Smith Hotel, Courtesy of Matisyahu?


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, midtown’s preeminent social media-savvy and James Knowles-curated boutique hotel, the Roger Smith, is running a special promotion in the month of January. Please welcome #Rogersrooms and Matisyahu! Confused? So are we:

    The January 19, 2010 #Rogersrooms giveaway will be presented by Matisyahu. For those who are just learning about #Rogersrooms, let me explain how the promotion works. We are giving away a room every night in January to be used before the end of the Month. Suite 1102 @RShotel is the Social Media Suite. For your chance to stay in 1102, sign up for Matisyahu’s mailing list below and send a Tweet to @Matisyahu and tag the message with #Rogersrooms. Be sure to check out his new track with Akon. Stay tuned for Thursday’s giveaway that will be announced later on in the day.

That’s right: this is a hotel that has something called a “Social Media Suite.” And though this competition seems to have been pegged to Tuesday, the rush to “provide your reaction to @Matisyahu’s new track” and thus win a free hotel room seems to be continuing unabated on Twitter, even as we speak. Featuring Akon on the remix, btw! I would like this song to be played at my graduation ceremony. Yaga yo! Now can I have my free hotel room pls? [h/t Maura, though maybe she doesn’t want you to know that?]

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