“Twitter In The Raw”: Announcing The (Possible) Existence Of The @1000TimesYes 2009 Tweet Box


So. Christopher R. Weingarten reviewed 1,000 records on his Twitter last year. Maybe you heard about it. And perhaps you have fantasized about something like this: “Each of Weingarten’s 1,000 tweet reviews from 2009 will be individually typed out on to a single index card and the mass of them will be held together in a wonderful natural oak index card catalog.”


Your portal to the @1000 Times Yes 2009 Tweet Box is right here, accepting donations, in conjunction with Article magazine. A quick word about specs:

To review, each box includes:
–1,000 hand-typed 3 x 5 index cards, each featuring one 140-character record review, as well as some extra goodies thrown in there.
–A handsome, 12″ deep wooden box of the finest oak, branded with the @1000TimesYes logo, comfortably fitting all 1,000 tweets, as well as some extras, in the vintage style of your favorite library card catalog.
–Approximately 1.6 ounces of “indie cred”
–Boxes can be arranged in the order of your pleasing. Do you want them chronologically? Done. Alphabetically by band name? Done. Autobiographically? Done. Well, maybe.

Perhaps more intriguing here is the donation system. (They need $1,000 by mid-February or the whole thing is off.) $75 gets you the Tweet Box. $175 gets you two Tweet Boxes and a copy of Chris’ imminent 33 1/3 book on Public Enemy’s It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, which will be awesome. But those with budget concerns have other incentives: For $40 he’ll Tweet-review your demo! (With pay-for-review disclaimer!) For $2 you’ll get one index card with your favorite Tweet! And our favorite: For $9 you’ll get one card plus “Christopher will call you on the phone and you guys can totally bullshit about bands.” I can personally attest that this experience is worth way way more than $9.

Actually, we here at SOTC want to get in on this donation gig: For $1,000, we will publish a vastly amusing photo of Christopher R. Weingarten eating a chicken wing. Operators are, as it were, standing by.

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