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Bailout to Bailout: Chesley Sullenberger’s Junk Plane Will Be Auctioned for Scrap by Junk Company AIG


The Airbus A320 jetliner that lost a battle with birds and then a life-or-death battle with hero pilot Chesley Sullenberger in last year’s “Miracle on the Hudson” is finally headed for the auction block and then the scrap heap.

Shortly after the one-year anniversary of Sullenberger’s feat, officials announced that the jet is going to be auctioned off by a unit of AIG, the megacorp bailed out by taxpayers after the Wall Street meltdown.

TMZ broke the news of the auction. The Times of London says it may go for about $2 million and notes that a similarly junked plan was sold for $2.6 million and made its new owners $4 million when it was busted up and chopped up.

And no, you can’t buy just a piece of it. You’ve got to buy the whole damn thing.

Furthermore, don’t even think about flying it. Even if it were air-worthy, the number of bird-plane collisions is sharply rising.

Sully got the keys to the city after he landed the plane safely on January 15, 2009, in the Hudson. The keys to the plane won’t do you any good now.

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