Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos Doesn’t Want His Music Used to Sell Big Macs


Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos isn’t a fan of McDonald’s, and now, thanks to Twitter, everyone knows it: the Scottish rocker, who also used to write a food column for the Guardian, recently unleashed a refreshing torrent of vitriol after learning that his band’s music was being used to peddle Big Macs.

“Dirty bastards. Stupid arrogant motherfucking pig-brained arseholes. I’d rather eat a cow-pat on a bun than a bloody McDonalds,” he tweeted after learning that one of his songs was on the McDonald’s website (it has since been taken down).

Kapranos later clarified that he wasn’t “really pissed off with McDonalds. They’re just the same as any other psychopathic corporation – no more evil, no less.” Instead, he was angry at the “twat” at Sony (who owns the band’s label) who had given McDonald’s permission to use the song. Kapranos later joked that he was angry because he’d had “a sponsorship deal with White Castle on the cards which is now totally scuppered.”

Although if Our Man Sietsema’s review of White Castle’s BBQ pulled pork slider is any indication, Kapranos might be better off with that cow pat on a bun.

[Via Eater National]

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