Having Escaped Top Chef With His Dignity Intact, Kevin Gillespie Bows Out of the Bocuse d’Or


Remember that Very Special Episode of Top Chef when Kevin Gillespie won the opportunity to compete for Team USA in the next Bocuse d’Or? Well, like so much else on Top Chef, his involvement with the competition proved illusory.

Andrew Friedman, whose Knives at Dawn chronicled the evolution of America’s involvement in the Bocuse d’Or, reports that Gillespie is no longer listed as a candidate for the competition — he’s been replaced by Jim Burke, the chef-owner of Philadelphia’s James.

The reason, Friedman has learned from Gillespie’s flack, is that the chef is just too busy to compete: “He didn’t have time to prepare, and didn’t want to let the country down. He felt like there was somebody else who deserved that spot. He’s a perfectionist and didn’t feel like he could do his best with everything going on.”

Aw. That is so the Kevin we came to know and love. Fortunately, the bearded soul of humility will have a chance to compete in the 2013 competition in Lyon, something that, his rep assures Friedman, is “a huge goal of his.”

[Via Eater]

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