Incredibly Cheap Eats: Wing Feed at Tebaya in Chelsea


Sweet, salty, and gingery.

Tebaya is an island of sanity in a sea of mad hot Buffalo wings…

This Japanese fast food spot specializes in wings done Japanese-style, lacquered with a ginger-heavy soy glaze and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. The flavor is spectacular, and some of the goop rubs off on the rice underneath, creating many blissful forkfuls. The salad strives to be mediocre and succeeds.

The cost for this feed, including eight wing segments, is a mere $6.95 at lunch. As a bonus, you get a free, brewed-in-house tea, or canned beverage of your choice. At dinner, the price is $8. 144 West 19th Street, 212-924-3335

In this photo, the tiny dining room looks twice as large. Why? The entire wall at the rear is made of mirrors.

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