Prince Lays a Football-Sized Egg: His Viking Anthem ‘Purple and Gold’


Prince was so excited about his Minnesota Vikings’ victory last weekend in the NFL playoffs that he dashed off a football fight song, “Purple and Gold.” It sounds as if it were dashed off by a fan.

Purple Rain it ain’t. Actually, it sounds like Christian rock, though MTV’s Kyle Anderson, who must have wax in his ears, says:

The track eschews Prince’s signature funk rock in favor of a true fight song, the type of thing you hear crooned at English soccer matches or at Ivy League football games.

Boola-friggin’-boola. See Zach Baron’s take at Sound of the City.

Rant Rave’s celebcrazy states the obvious: It’s lame for a fight song and its lyrics may induce vomiting.

If the Vikings beat the New Orleans Saints, and our New York Jets-Jets-Jets upset the Indianapolis Colts, the Jets will have just one more reason to beat the Vikings in the Super Bowl. Minnesota native Prince is doing the Super Bowl halftime show, but surely he won’t be performing this lame-ass tune.

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