So That’s What Prince Was Doing at Last Week’s Vikings Game


People watching the Minnesota Vikings demolish the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday may have done a double or triple take (guilty) at the sight of one diminutive Minneapolis-born mega pop star hiding out in the home team’s owner’s box. Sure, Prince is from Minnesota, and he once deigned to play a Superbowl halftime show, but…football? Yes, apparently: football. He even wrote a song about going to the game, called “Purple and Gold,” with creatively spelled lyrics and everything. It will not make you like Brett Favre anymore than you do now, probably, but “Purple and Gold” may well be highest pedigree football fight song ever recorded, so there’s that. “The eyes say ready 4 battle/No need 4 sword in hand/We r all amped up like a rock n roll band.” Sing it with him, or ironically, or whatever. [MyFoxTwinCities]

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