The Blogroll Gazette: Stalking Anthony Bourdain; Sneaking Pics at Shopsin’s


This week, in food blogs…

Midtown Lunch got excited about the arrival of the new 38th Street Bon Chon, despite the extremely long wait for drumsticks.

Eater discovered that Scott Conant is turning the vacated downstairs space at Cooper Square Hotel into a casual dining cafe.

Grub Street continued to stalk Anthony Bourdain as he films the “Obsessed” episode of No Reservations. So far, he’s been to Minetta Tavern, Salumeria Rosi, and Marea.

Blondie and Brownie managed to sneak a great shot of the French toast grilled cheese with poached eggs at Shopsin’s.

Slice posited that soppressata may be the new pepperoni. To wit: Fornino, Roberta’s, and Motorino pies all use the spicy sausage.

Diner’s Journal continued to follow the last days of Tavern on the Green. The latest? The Tag Sale: no, not the $3.5-million blowout. This one is the last-chance bargain sale.

The Food Section heard about a Pennsylvania burglar who took the time to fry a chicken during his heist.

The Atlantic Food Channel took a look at both the British and American versions of Cadbury chocolate. The result? Well, the author is English so…

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