Week in Review: DIY Snitchin


In the week Jay-Z went all the way to the top of the singles list on our 2009 Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll, the rapper told SOTC that his two favorite songs of last year both came from Kings of Leon. With an honorable mention tip of the cap to the Grizzly Bear. Go figure?

Dame Dash’s Under 100 came back, then went away again, as we once more acted out some indie DIY version of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle with a venue that can’t seem to quite fully live or die. But at least Ava Luna, whose post-TVOTR, Dirty Projectors-inflected bedroom soul jam “Clips” we gave away on Tuesday, didn’t end up getting their show cancelled–catch dudes at the Silent Barn tonight.

If you read one thing we published here this week: The Life and Death of Alan Carton, 23, the RIAA-Defying Creator of @diditleak.

Vampire Weekend staged a physically and emotionally grueling blowout at United Palace Theatre, Brian Fallon confronted a rowdy crowd at the Bowery Ballroom, Julian Casablancas repped for his hometown at Terminal 5, Charlotte Gainsbourg played her first live show ever at the Bell House, Lady Gaga followed up a strong Pazz & Jop showing with a show at Radio City Music Hall, and Yummy Fur, the Beats, and the Underscore Quarterly release party held down various venues over the weekend.

It was an indie takeover kind of a week, come to think of it: Vice and Sub Pop both partnered with CNN, CMJ got in bed with Six Flags, and of course, Vampire Weekend’s Contra became the number one record in the country. Where is your subculture now, indie rock? Only a matter of time before Dave Longstreth is on American Idol, being sexually harassed by Shania Twain.

There might be something called the @1000TimesYes 2009 Tweet Box; luckily that dude also does slightly less insular things, like interviewing Shellshag, and shaking them down for MP3s like the awesome “Resilient Bastard.”

Perhaps you’d like to stay at the Roger Smith Hotel, courtesy of Matisyahu?

Plus farewells to Jack Rose and Kate McGarrigle, the Fucked Up (still not getting their name in the Times) Sonic Youth diss track, Coachella 2010, the Hold Steady sans Franz Nicolay, Kanye vs. the animal kingdom, the Tribe Called Quest reunion and more, below. Looking for something to do this weekend? Try our Big, Honking Guide to Haiti Benefits and Valiantly Intentioned Fundraising Efforts, Non-Wyclef Musical Edition. We’re back on Monday.

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