Burger King to Roll Out Whopper Bars; Coke Gets a Greener Bottle


In the hopes of achieving a smaller carbon footprint, Coca-Cola has debuted its new “plantbottle,” a new packaging material made partly from plants. It has the same weight, feel, chemistry, and function as a regular plastic bottle. [Wall Street Journal]

A Four Seasons insider offers some insights into why Fabio Trabocchi left after just three months: Apparently, ahi tuna and Kumamoto oysters can’t compete with good ol’ grilled fish. [NY Post]

Burger King is gearing up to sell beer at what the chain will call Whopper Bars. The first will be in Miami Beach, and others are planned for Times Square, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. [NY Daily News]

When major food corps purchase smaller brands, the result is often — surprisingly — higher-priced product. But the real problem will be when food everywhere starts tasting the same. [NY Times]

Following an increasing number of requests from customers, Sylvia’s will start home delivery next month. Curbside delivery has been available since last month. [NY Daily News]

When the Pink Tea Cup faced closure last month, friends Ebonie Johnson Cooper and Ezinne Kwubiri Cooper launched a social media blitz on Facebook, which helped save it. [NY Daily News]

A 1956 Cadillac loaded up with a toaster, refrigerator, hot plate, cutlery holder, and a kitchen sink was on show at the collector-car auctions in Arizona last week. [NY Times]


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