I Regifted To The Person Who Originally Gave Me The Gift!


My worst fear came true the other day when I took a friend out for lunch on her birthday.

After we ordered, I handed her several gifts, including a sleeping mask that said “Fuck” on it. I thought she’d get a laugh out of it, and I was so very right.

In fact, she SCREAMED with laughter as she opened the thing and blurted “I gave this to YOU!”

Oy!!! I wanted to die–or at least get it back pronto and give it to somebody ELSE!

My only solace was that I’m open about bringing regifting out of the closet and making it acceptable. But not necessarily to the person that gave it to you!

I felt like Nancy Reagan–but there’s an upside: After that, I was going to give a glittery belt to another friend on HIS birthday, but I’m not 100% that he didn’t give it to me, so it’ll stay safely and beautifully right on my waist.

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