New York

Is Scott Brown Just Sarah Palin With More Balls?


Or, more accurately, with real balls?

Now that a few days have passed since the stud shockingly nabbed the senatorial spot in Massachusetts and we’ve braced ourselves for him to trounce on Teddy Kennedy’s grave with regards to the health reform bill and other issues, we can perhaps sit back and evaluate the horror of his rapid ascent.

Which leads to some questions:

Don’t you wish his 1982 Cosmo centerfold showed just a little bit more? Maybe three inches more?

Is his pickup-truck-driving everyman persona a calculated guise to throw your off his slick, ‘botlike ambition?

Would you fuck him in a pinch (especially if Jim DeMint wasn’t available)?

And, more importantly, do you get deep-seated queasy feelings that the guy will eventually be White House bound, and unlike Ms. Palin, he’ll actually succeed?


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