Tonight! Cheap Trick, Ozzy Osbourne, and Francois K


In the words of our very own Jason Gross, “They’ve still got the two cute and aging boy-toys and the two weird-looking guys also.” Yes, he is referring to none other than Cheap Trick, and yes, they are playing the Fillmore, wielding, as always, guitars with enough necks to impale a small army with one swipe. You know you like it. If power-pop isn’t your preferred type of nostalgia, there’s always Ozzy Osbourne: The Ozzman is alive, (presumably) literate, and ready to sign your copy of his new book, I AM OZZY, at Barnes and Noble in Midtown. If you end up regretting this day of throwbacks entirely, later tonight you can hit up Deep Space, featuring a vodka open bar and, of course, space-dub music by Francois K.

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