U.S. to Relax Its Haggis Ban: Lamb’s Lungs All Around!


Just in time for Burns Night, and the U.S. government has bestowed upon haggis lovers a gift unequaled since Bobby Burns first immortalized the stuffed, boiled sheep’s stomach in Address to a Haggis.

The BBC reports that the the U.S. Department of Agriculture is planning to relax the ban on imported meats that make it illegal to import haggis into the country. The ban has been in place since 1989, when the mad cow scare raised concerns about the safety of British meat and offal.

While they’re waiting for the ban to be lifted, American haggis hounds can help themselves to haggis from Andrew Hamilton, the New Jersey-based Scottish importer who came up with his own recipe for haggis that uses boiled beef liver in place of the contraband lamb’s lungs.

[Via Serious Eats]


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