Camille Glenn, R.I.P.


Camille Glenn isn’t particularly well-known in these (Yankee) parts, but as one of the South’s most influential cookbook authors and cooking teachers, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mark her passing last Thursday, Jan. 21, at the age of 100.

Glenn was perhaps most widely known as the author of The Heritage of Southern Cooking, a sprawling compendium of 500 recipes (including a dizzying 90 desserts) representing the South’s diverse regional cooking. An avid promoter of local, seasonal produce long before it became fashionable, Glenn also championed the lavish use of butter and cream, which were decidedly out of fashion when the book was first published in the fat-phobic ’80s. Undoubtedly those ingredients contributed to a life richly lived; the world is a bit leaner without her.

[Thanks to Gastropoda for alerting us — and the food blogosphere — to Glenn’s passing]


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