Can Scarlett Johansson Act?


I was the only one who gave Scarlett Johansson entrance applause for her turn in the Broadway revival of Arthur Miller’s 1950s tragedy A View From The Bridge the other day.

But let me explain: She was fairly unrecognizable! Scarlett sports brown hair, done in a ’50s Brooklyn style, and she’s covered up with long, solid colored outfits that make her way less vampy than her screen persona. But I spotted the little devil right away!

And she definitely has the chops.

Yes, she’s a bit too old for the character–a 17-year-old girl whose uncle (Liev Schreiber) cares about her a little too much–and sure, she occasionally acts too small, as if doing it for cameras, not for the balcony.

But she has all the right instincts, not to mention the right accent, as the “Madonna type” who’s desperately trying to grow into adulthood in the face of her pervy uncle’s ill wishes.

Scarlett herself will surely grow as an actor from this experience, and for that alone, it was worth it.

I’ll grow too–I’ll never give entrance applause unless I’m sure others are in on it too!

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