Chefs to Stuff Themselves in Food Truck for NBC


To spread the news about Feast, the food site it’s about to bestow upon the world, NBC New York has persuaded Daniel Boulud, Michael White, Paul Liebrandt, and Alain Ducasse to cram themselves into a food truck to make what the NBC website describes as “the ultimate free lunch.”

On Monday, Feb. 8, the chefs and their truck will show up at four double-extra-secret locations to serve lunch to the 500-plus winners of a contest that NBC kicked off on its website earlier today. The winners will receive Wonka-esque golden tickets that they can exchange on the blessed day for the address of the location and a free meal pass. Per the press release, “each chef will offer dishes never before served on a food truck.”

And all for….a new website. While the NBC truck may indeed serve grub that’s never before been seen on a food truck, it will offer, as an accompaniment, something that’s become all too familiar with in recent years: the grim specter of talented chefs selling themselves out to the corporate john with the fattest billfold. Tom Colicchio, you are in good company.


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