Church Avenue Bakery’s Haitian Patties: Incredibly Cheap Eats


If you like pigs in a blanket, or ham-and-cheese croissants, or just about any savory butter pastry confection, you will love Haitian-style patties. These turnovers differ from their Jamaican cousins in that their fillings are hidden inside great clouds of puff pastry, rather than in a pie-crust-like shell. Church Avenue Bakery opened several months ago in Flatbush, and offers patties filled with beef, chicken, salt cod, spinach, or herring.

The patties are light in texture and rich, browned on the edges, and generously sized. At $1 each, you can afford to try each one. We found the salt cod particularly fine, filled with the shredded fish, lightly seasoned with peppers.

The bakery also carries delicious-looking jerk chicken, macaroni and cheese, breakfast porridge, and sweet and savory breads and pastries, all baked on the premises and sold for a song.

[Discovered through this thread on Chowhound.]

1917A Church Avenue, Brooklyn

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