Damon & Naomi+Michio Kurihara


Visit Damon & Naomi’s Web site and you learn a few things. It lists the duo’s discography, sure, and their history—as members of Galaxie 500, as collaborators with other arbiters of outsider cool, and as the band who provided the soundtrack to Meadow Soprano’s drug use dilemma. (No joke!) But it also reveals how determinedly those who love and are defined by art will find ways to create and discover it. Damon’s writing, Naomi’s photography, and of course their swooning, lilting, shards of crystal music. Check it, for within its walls is a knowledge center. At this gig, the site comes to life: in addition to a performance from Damon & Naomi with Michio Kurihara of Ghost, there will be a screening of Naomi’s films. Jeez, make art much? With Sharon Van Etten.

Sat., Jan. 30, 9:30 p.m., 2010