Locals Plan to Arrest Bruce Ratner at Noon on Wednesday, Disappointingly Eschew Violence


Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn and other opponents of the Atlantic Yards land grab that’s throwing many citizens out of their Brooklyn homes invite you, dear reader, to help them arrest developer and AY kingpin Bruce Ratner tomorrow. The citizen posse does not promise violence, but does suggest it will be good times all around. The warrant will be served at noon on Wednesday.

The charge, we are told in a DDDB post that appears to have been removed (though a press release has been disseminated), is “bribing a public official,” presumably referring to the effect of Ratner’s millions on public policy rather than to related crimes that are actually being prosecuted.

Once the “number of community groups, homeless advocates and political leaders” who are doing this thing have Ratner in custody, they will invite attorney general Andrew Cuomo to do his duty (and also to give back the campaign donations he has accepted from Ratner and his company).

“Nobody is going to physically abduct” Ratner, the release says, which is mildly disappointing, as they haven’t a chance in hell of bringing Ratner to justice otherwise.



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