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Michael Mineo, Despite Supporting Testimony by a Cop, Gets Skeptical Treatment on Sodomy Trial


Michael Mineo’s claim that he was anally penetrated by a cop’s baton during a Brooklyn pot bust is supported by the testimony of a transit cop. But now that the trial is on, the New York Post, not normally overcautious in its portrayal of perps, makes liberal use of quote marks in its headline, “‘Victim’ gives graphic testimony of ‘cop sodomy.’

Others were skeptical about Mineo’s story, too — he had a record, and had run from the cops who caught him smoking weed near Prospect Park because he was already facing an assault charge — until transit officer Kevin Maloney backed up Mineo’s claim in November before the grand jury that indicted the cops currently on trial. Prosecutors say Maloney will again testify to that effect at trial. (Mineo is also pursuing a $220 million civil suit against the NYPD and others.)

Lawyers for the cops contend that Mineo caused his own injuries while in handcuffs for the marijuana offense that started the whole thing in October, the alleged motivation being his civil lawsuit and the settlement he might expect; one of these lawyers asked Mineo under examination yesterday, “This is your payday, isn’t it?”

Mineo, who returns to the stand today, responded that even “a billion dollars” wouldn’t recompense him adequately for the way he felt after the incident.

You can imagine how the cops and cop fans at Thee Rant feel about this (“By the way, if he DOES win and get paid we should find him and REALLY stick a baton up his ass”).



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