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A monster truck is really more of a juiced-up, four-wheel-drive dune buggy—and we do mean juiced-up. During a Monster Jam, the drivers launch themselves off ramps and proceed to crash into manmade barriers and destroy smaller vehicles and even motor homes. Dangerous? Probably, but the drivers compete individually on a points system (no two drivers are on the same course at the same time), and there is an automatic shut-off switch in case a driver loses control. The jam closes out with a freestyle event in which anything can happen—and usually does. A review of a recent Monster Jam described the show as “carnage.” It’s great fun to watch the drivers “slap” wheelies and “catch huge air” as they come off the ramps into the pit. Watch for Neil Elliot, who was off last year and came back strong this season, and Roger Stidell, the driver of Captain USA who excels at the freestyle. Information on the drivers and how they are currently ranked can be found on Monster Jam’s website.

Jan. 29-31, 2010

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