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Spinning Their Wheels: Hasid v. Hipster Bike Debate Settles Nothing But Is Entertaining


Nobody really expected the Hasid v. Hipster Bicycle War to be settled Monday night at a debate/discussion in Williamsburg — and it wasn’t.

Color there was, yes. But the tsimmis keeps simmering.

Pete’s Candy Store was the scene (see video above). As the debate ended, a bike mechanic who said he was Jewish noted of the anti-bike-lane Satmars: “They have created their own hospitals, their own schools, their own police force. So of course the bike lane is threatening.”

Outside smoking a cigarette, and surrounded by few fellow Hasids, Isaac Abraham (who spoke for the Satmars at the loosely run debate) seemed content. He made a point of noting that he was the only panelist who actually lived on Bedford Avenue. But even if the other participants may not live on Bedford, wasn’t the whole point that they used it as a means of transportation? “So do birds,” he replied. “And they leave their droppings
all over the place.”

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