The Latest in the Ray’s Saga: A Rally, a Stripper, a Professional Negotiator


After weeks of bad news, Ray’s Candy Store seems to have finally caught a break: on Saturday night, neighbors and supporters turned out to hold a rally to save the store, which Ray Alvarez has run since 1974.

Neither More Nor Less reports that, on the heels of the rally, a professional negotiator has stepped in to mediate between Alvarez and his building’s managing agent. Of the relationship between Alvarez and his landlord, the blog writes, “neither the Leshko family nor the managing agent wish Ray any harm. They would prefer to see Ray continue in his candy store. They appreciate how important Ray and his candy store are to the community. They are concerned for his current welfare and his future well being…People should respect that this is a neighborhood thing and that all the parties involved here have known each other for nearly 40 years.”

Meanwhile, EV Grieve reports that Alvarez was planning to celebrate his 77th birthday last night with, per tradition, “a stripper or two.”


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