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There are a million blogs in the Naked City — these are 18 of them. Here’s a slice of Gotham’s best: the obsessive and the progressive, the arty and the farty, the local and the global. Includes interviews, rare webcam shots, and ridiculous pseudonyms.

The digital music revolution changes the technology but not the ethos of the “tapers” who go out, record shows (or, sometimes, just sounds), and share them with the world, or whatever small part of it is interested. Jesse Jarnow gives a listen.

Who can do justice to interviews of Steve Buscemi and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, plus a review of Lady Gaga live? Only our own Michael Musto.

Oh boy: Mel Gibson as a cop on the edge! Nick Pinkerton reviews Edge of Darkness.

“Minimal art — let’s face it — is a bore. With all the cheerfulness of a leper’s bell…” Wait, don’t go! The California Minimalism on display at the David Zwirner Gallery, Christian Viveros-Faune insists, is the fun kind.

Plus more Music, Art, Theater, Film, Books, Dance, Restaurants, Free Will Astrology, Dan Savage, and various & sundry.

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