Were Lucy and Ethel Lesbian Lovers?


I love Lucy, but I also love her sidekick, Vivian Vance for her wonderful way with a deadpan delivery and a slow burn.

But it turns out her humor, as in so many cases, came from awful wells of hideous angst.

The attached link details a lost autobiography Viv wrote, which now surfaces in all of its deep, dark glory.

Viv writes about:

*Having a man expose himself to her and being convinced she was to blame because she looked like a whore

*Having a complete breakdown in her 30’s and not wanting to go on living

*Being asked by Lucy to scrub the toilets on the first day of shooting the sitcom, which was done in a cobwebby rented studio with no heat or hot water

And juiciest of all:

*When rumors got out that Viv and Lucy were “too close” and were overdoing their hugging and kissing, Viv ran to her analyst to see if “something was wrong with me.” He assured her she was OK.

Be kind to poor, tortured Viv. This was ages before gay lib would have given her some options.

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