New York

Coyote Attacks Woman, Dog in Westchester County


We’ve warned you and warned you and warned you  and warned you and warned you and warned you and warned you that nature has it in for New York. Yet you cling to your precious “environmentalism.” Well, how about this, Gaia-worshipers: a coyote has attacked a woman and a pit bull (!) in Greenburgh, New York. The woman is in stable condition; no word on the dog except that he’s alive.

Coyotes turned up in Queens late last year. Now they’re moving to the suburbs of Westchester County. Soon, when they’re better established, they’ll move to even nicer neighborhoods, and maybe keep a pied a terre in the city. Then, throughout the greater metropolitan area, we will have to fight them for turf, food, and the best schools. It’ll be Boston ’05 all over again.

It’s time to man up against this animal menace. The next time your dog jumps on the couch, don’t just demand he get down — tell him to pass the word to his cousins that this sort of thing doesn’t go around here.


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