Hanco’s vs. Henry’s vs. Home: Park Slope Banh Mi Wars Rage On


The only gen-u-ine banh mi war that we know of continues to rage on the quiet streets of Park Slope. Enterprising sandwich-maker Henry Huynh worked for Hanco’s (433 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn), before leaving to open Henry’s (350 Seventh Avenue) just a few blocks south, with an identical menu but slightly lower prices. At the time, Hanco’s owner, Hanco Tang, told anyone who would listen that Huynh had stolen his recipes. (Although to be fair, most banh mi joints have similar offerings, and you can’t trademark a sandwich.)

In a taste test, we thought the sandwiches were very similar, and that neither one was great, although the edge went to Henry’s for a (relatively) better value. But now Huynh has broken off again.

Huynh tells the Brooklyn Paper that he’s split from his partners at Henry’s to open a new establishment called Home (349 Fifth Avenue), selling, yes, banh mi and bubble tea.

None of this changes the fact that residents of this part of Brooklyn should just spend a few extra minutes to get to Sunset Park for their banh mi fix. We’re partial to Ba Xuyen (4222 Eighth Avenue).

[New York Post/Brooklyn Paper]


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