Hope For Haiti Is #1; Spoon’s Transference Debuts at #4; Vampire Weekend Slips to #6; Surfer Blood Takes #119


Turns out that a #1 record in January is no more complicated than Justin Timberlake singing “Hallelujah.” Vampire Weekend’s short, terrifically fun reign at the top is now over, a week after it began–sales of Contra dipped 65% to 43,000, good for a fall all the way down to #6. Which is still a high, high number, by the way, for an independently distributed record by a band who haven’t being doing this thing all that long, New Yorker profiles or no. Hope For Haiti (171,000 copies sold) is your new champion, fueled by all sorts of digital downloads and the 83 million people who watched the telethon on Friday night. Spoon had their biggest debut ever, selling 53,000 records, snatching the #4 spot, and giving all the VW haters a lot of context to think about–Contra‘s debut last week, let’s remember, was a far healthier 124,000. And you wouldn’t know it from the Billboard article, but reliable sources say Surfer Blood’s Astro Coast debuted at #119. Which is what, after all, you expect your indie titans to do. Let’s take our culture back, indifferent consumers! [Billboard]

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