Kanye West and Amber Rose Are Not Leaving Paris Until They Earn Your Sartorial Respect


Some of you might say we finished the what-exactly-are-Kanye-West-Amber-Rose-wearing-in-Paris-right-now? game right around the moment yesterday we posted to Twitter a photo of Kanye’s elaborately manicured nails and the Egyptian God rings that adorned them–but that was before Amber Rose took it upon herself to actually dress like Ra the Egyptian Sun God. That last joke according to MTV’s Buzzworthy, which also hazards a few follow-up guesses as to what PETA called Kanye’s “sleazy sidekick” was wearing/channeling in the leftward picture, including an Oscar, a fitted gold Snuggie with a hood, and old-school Cher. People we are living in a special era and you will just have to deal with it until that era is over. (Oh, and maybe Kanye secretly finished another record already?) [MTV]

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