New York

Latest NYPD “Cash for Killers” Event Nets 1,186 Guns


In our cynical times, when the very idea of government doing anything to help people is decried as nannyism (by us, too!), it’s refreshing to see a little success on the goo-goo front. This weekend the NYPD had one of its gun buyback programs in The Bronx, in which they gave $200 cash cards to anyone turning in a firearm, no questions asked. In 2008 Brooklyn took in nearly 700 guns in one day and that was considered a big success. This weekend’s Bronx event, held at four local churches, took in 1,186 firearms — a new city record. Here’ Bronx beep Ruben Diaz Jr. looking at some of the haul.

Yeah, we know the hoods are mostly just turning in weapons that are no longer worth $200 to them, and libertarians claim such programs actually promote gun sales. But it’s the thought that counts!


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