Liveblogging the Twittering of the State of the Union


Dennis Ross (Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress FL-12): Someone needs to whisper to Eric Holder that we don’t read Miranda rights to terrorists after they try to blow up a US airliner.

Ed Morrissey (right wing columnist): Well, one war, really. (in response to POTUS’ reference to “two wars.”)

pediagirl: “Main street” has become my least favorite phrase

“I have never been more hopeful about America’s future than I am tonight.”

MrWordsWorth: The toughest letters to read are from children, says Obama. If only schools would focus on penmanship

“…the same banks that caused this crisis… we all hated the bank bailout… I hated it… I hated it…”

heartlessdoll: “We all hated the bank bailout.” We all hate black licorice. That’s why we don’t eat it

“modest fee…. taxpayers who rescued them in their time of need.”

tomllewis: #SOTU so far – 15 “I” or “me”

Pistolette: Obama: “me me me me me me”

“I thought I’d get some applause on that one.”

gerryblog: Republicans won’t stand up for tax cuts? We’re through the looking glass, people

That’s right, the Recovery Act, also known as the Stimulus Bill. “

aterkel: Biden is blinking more than Cheney did.

Leo_Pusateri: “Jobs must be our new focus for 2010” THEN CUT TAXES, IMBECILE!

langwhitaker: My favorite SOTU was the year Dikembe Mutombo was there.

JamilSmith: Republicans sitting on their hands when he announces bank repayments to be channeled to help small business? Hmmm.

“No reason Europe and Asia should have the fastest trains.”


MsJBell: I hadn’t realized how GRAY he’s gotten. Wow.

“I want a jobs bill on my desk without delay.”

TheHyperFix: Another criticism of Bush Administration without saying the name

“I do not accept second place for the United States of America!”

atizine: “I do not accept second place for America.” I think he’s got his 2004 groove back.

Safe, clean nuclear power plants… offshore areas for oil and gas development…”

baratunde: NUKES!!

gatewaypatriot (rightwing columnist): Nuclear power… WOW!!! Drilling!!

“I know there are those who disagree with the overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change.”

deadvoter: There’s a climate change at the polls

ecopolitologist: Wait, GOP thinks “Overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change” is a laughline?

RichTucker: The lead scientists in Climate Change were hacked and showed proof that they were making up data to show manmade climate change

Optimus_Inc: Who in the HELL is going to buy our exports?!

baratunde: Obama says we’ll double our exports. Someone remind him all America makes is youtube cat videos

AngieWrites: “he’s showing balls!” -My Dad

“We still need health insurance reform.”

mtapscott (rightwing columnist): Health care? He didn’t get the message from Massachusetts.

thekencook: He’s talking about tyranny – he’s talking about redistribution of wealth. There is NO CHOICE in their plan.

jendeaderick: Tip your waitresses!

snarkandboobs: Obama always “hears stories”. Because he has ZERO real world experience of his own. Hence, his total suckage.

BtotheD: While you play the “State of the Union” Drinking Game, I play a “Twitter Republicans Complaining About The SOTU” Drinking Game.

ThereseCooper: A vote for the Heath Care bill = a vote for socialism. How did your Rep vote?

“All this before I walked in the door… just stating the facts.”

johndobbs: BHO cannot stop blaming bush for his failure.

jjmann3: Hey #Obama: Here’s my facts: (image of man giving the finger)

ericjodom: Obama walked into Bush debt. His response was to spend more, and at a record pace


kaycan: Pay as You go law? Is he talking cell phones ?LOL!

Leo_Pusateri: Wealthy Americans CREATE JOBS, IDIOT!!

mxjustinbond: Was that Alfre Woodard in the yellow jacket? Is she a senator now? I love her!


mom2twinsplus1: REALLY? Tell me I didn’t just hear him rip the Supreme Court Justices sitting right in front of him

“We can’t wage a perpetual campaign… no matter how false, no matter how malicious… further distrust in our government.”

rachyrach1: Can’t we all just get along?

[General ball-busting on Congress]

erikwhittington: Change the tone? LOL

richlowry (rightwing columnist): is denunciation of permanent campainging drips w/ disingenousness

aprilliesel: I will say this is an awefully divisive State of the Union

Smalltalkwitht: Does O remember that he’s responsible for FT. Hood, Christmas bomber?????

“We will have all of our troops out of Iraq in August…”

shinsnake: You didn’t end this war! You tried to lose it every step of the way! Bush ended the Iraq war with the surge!

gatewaypatriot: Blaming your predecessor for all of your problems you have IS NOT LEADERSHIP Mr. President!!!

KarlRove (evil monster): Obama uses the word “I” 96 times in #SOTU speech.

TheRevAl: “This war is ending” RIGHT ON

scrowder (rightwing “entertainer”): @TheRevAl… Are you still alive?

“Gay Americans the right to serve their country…”

jenciTN: #DADT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to stand up for equality

judywriter: Ha! No applause from the military guys on the gays-in-the-military statement. Somber, sour bunch

TPridemore: He’s just riling up the man-haters and the gay voters. Democrat read meat in the form of senseless rhetoric

“I never said that change would be easy, or that I could do it alone.

nicktroiano: Reagan’s first #sotu was less about half the length of this speech.

cbahm: My 12yo is up past her bedtime, lighting candles, petting cat, and commenting on #sotu with me. Love sharing this with her.

jefframone: “We are strong. We are resilient. We are Americans.” Hell, yes!

jstrevino: Was that the most underwhelming and desperate SOTU ever? I guess James Buchanan never gave any, so maybe

MichaelTurk: When is this guy supposed to show us the new tablet? I’ve been watching for an hour & seen nothing #iPad #sotu


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