More Tainted Milk in China; Contaminated Salami Stateside


Restaurants get reinvented at breakneck speed these days, such as Scott Conant’s forthcoming Faustina at the Cooper Square Hotel, which will soft open at the end of the month after Table 8 evacuated just three weeks ago.
[NY Times]

The crackdown on illicit smoking in bars has begun. The Health Department is moving to close five A-list clubs after an undercover sting revealed they let patrons light up.
[NY Daily News]

Yoga for Foodies blends yoga and, well, food. But not everyone agrees that the two should go together. Yoga purists say that wine and meat are not the way to yogic enlightenment.
[NY Times, previously]

Three more milk companies in China have been found to have excessive levels of melamine in their products, which were recalled in the southwestern province of Guizhou.
[Wall Street Journal]

Meanwhile, stateside, the latest food safety concern involves tainted salami. Daniele International in Rhode Island has recalled 1.24 million pounds of pepper-coated salami.

A member of Mercy for Animals infiltrated Willet Dairy, one of the largest dairy farms in the state, where he filmed cows being abused and never being allowed outside.
[ABC News]


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