Sietsema at Katsuhama 55; DiGregorio at Maialino


This week in the Voice, Our Man Sietsema samples “the pristine and humongous pork cutlets” at Katsuhama 55, where “you’d be crazy to eat… without copping one.” Sarah DiGregorio has a “simple meal” at Maialino, which just happens to serve “one of the best roast pigs in the city.”

Meanwhile, Jay Cheshes also pays a visit to Maialino, noting that “the menu, self-consciously regional, offers exceptional facsimiles of dishes specific to Rome.”

Sam Sifton is not impressed with fancy London transplant Le Caprice, deeming the menu “straight off the plane: mostly nursery food with colonial accents.”
[NY Times]

Adam Platt barely makes it through his meal at The Breslin, where, “by the time the entrees roll around, this unrelenting accumulation of richness can have a numbing effect.”
[NY Magazine]

Alan Richman checks out Casa Lever, and wonders “how wonderful the restaurant might be were it not required by tradition to serve the two dullest dishes of Italy.”

Gael Greene orders “a giant Alaskan crab, five pounds served three ways for $300” at Imperial Palace in Flushing, which “doesn’t look like $300, but the taste is priceless.”
[Insatiable Critic]

Tables for Two gets a seat at Piccola Cucina, where “a little advice is welcome, because the menu has a tendency to be hit or miss.”
[New Yorker]


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