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Slain ‘Life Coach’ Jeffrey Locker’s Last Inspiration: Plot His Own Murder


Life coach Jeffrey Locker may have actually become his own death coach.

The slain motivational speaker was convincing to the very end, if his killer’s story that Locker wanted to have himself killed is true.

And as the Daily News reports, that seemingly absurd tale of why Locker was killed might not be so farfetched.

It looks increasingly as if Locker plotted his own murder. Daniel Gotlin, the lawyer for accused killer Kenneth Minor, insists that Locker hired Minor to kill him.

Pretty good lawyer trick, and that’s been Minor’s story all along, but he might be right, because prosecutors aren’t really disputing his version of events. As the News adds:

Gotlin said that an investigation has revealed that Locker, who was deeply in debt, added millions to his life insurance policy in the months before his death and even contacted cemeteries and funeral homes to make arrangements. …

Sources said that the 52-year-old life coach first contacted Minor, 36, in an attempt to buy a gun, and phone records show communications between the two prior to the July 2009 killing.


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