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State of the Union Rightblogger Reaction: Grr, Snort, Etc.


Opponents of Obama didn’t like his State of the Union Address.

Thank you, good night!

Oddest moments in commentary: “He is post-racial, from all appearances. I forgot he was black tonight for an hour.” — Chris Matthews. Well, that’s not as easy as it sounds, especially with Obama “gettin Claire Huxtable on congress.” Runner-up: Justice Alito making faces. Tea Party activists are already engaging a troupe of mimes to spread this message across America.

We found Leo Pusateri in the Twitters and pronounce him a keeper. “Did anyone hear BHO mention the word, “Freedom” tonight? Just wondering… Nor I have once heard BHO mention the word freedom. In fact, don’t remember any such speeches.” Fight the power, bro!

The bipartisan schtick didn’t go over with John Podhoretz: “And he gave his own party no cover. Indeed, he seemed to ask them to shoulder a lot of the blame for America’s anger and cynicism, in effect offering them as a sacrificial lamb for his own standing.” That Obama, willing to sacrifice even his fellow traitors for personal gain! Also: “I think Obama made a disastrous mistake tonight by saying he wanted to forgive student college debt far more quickly if debtors went into ‘public service.’ This could well be considered another version of the Louisiana Purchase or the Cornhusker Bribe — an effort to privilege one class of workers above another.” Yeah, he lost the rightwing civics students on that one; they’re an important swing vote in West Nerdsylvania.

Libertarians of course disliked the speech. “Obama: Geeze! My policies are so bad that even I think they suck! But I’m going to defend them anyway!” “High speed rail to nowhere.” “8-year-olds sending money to the president don’t make me all tingly inside.” Afterparty is at Galt’s Gulch; BYO perpetual-motion machine.

Sarah Palin denounced the speech as a “lecture” — that is, something long and boring that she didn’t want to listen to, but still has to show familiarity with if she wants to be promoted.

Deep Thoughts, by Jay Nordlinger: “Obama looks arrogant, whether he’s arrogant or not. I don’t think he can help it: It’s the upturned chin. When actors want to preen and so on: They turn that chin upward. Yikes.” Also: “Obama: ‘We haven’t raised income taxes by a single dime on a single person. Not a single dime.’ I thought he was going to then say, ‘Damn!'” Well, they can’t all be Chris Matthews.

Etc. (“‘I’m not interested in re-litigating the past.’ Just in litigating jihadis in American civilians courts!”) Polls are already coming out, God help us. But at least the accelerated response time means we can move on to yelling about something else by week’s end.

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