Steve Cuozzo Rips Alain Ducasse a New One for his New York Snub


Mouthy NY Post food critic Steve Cuozzo has no patience for Alain Ducasse and his condemnation of New York’s dining scene. Last week, Ducasse proclaimed London “the most important city in the world for restaurants…. it was [previously] level with New York, but the product has developed more here [in London] in the past five years.”

Cuozzo’s comeback in today’s Post: “Oh, really? Some nerve, from a guy who travels so often attending to his global empire, it’s a wonder he knows where he is on a given day — much less what he eats!”


Cuozzo proceeds to chronicle the chef’s last decade in New York, including the Times‘ 2000 review of Alain Ducasse New York as “a year away” from greatness, and the bizarre collaboration with Jeffrey Chodorow called Mix that lasted from 2003 to 2005. So, Alain, is your praise for London really so sincere? Or are you just sour over your troubled past with the Big Apple?


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