The Long Goodbye: Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch Leaves Manhattan for Los Angeles


Zach and Mamacita of Midtown lunch on the left, Jessica Lee Binder of Food Mayhem on the right, standing in front of the Biryani Cart.

In the last 3.5 years, Zach Brooks has turned the website Midtown Lunch into one of the most eagerly read food blogs in the city, and thousands upon thousands of office workers depend upon him to provide them with a cheap and delicious lunch. The concept is brilliant, and Zach had been intrepid in seeking out both small and obscure places, and putting much-ballyhooed spots to the test.

The fabled spicy Bombay chicken biryani ($6) from the Biryani Cart.

He’s launched versions of his blog in downtown New York and Philadelphia, but now he’s ready to accept the biggest challenge of all: moving to L.A. with his wife and young son, and reorienting himself to the food landscape there.

Zach is doing a series of farewell meals at his favorite spots around Midtown, and Fork in the Road caught up with him at the Biryani Cart at the corner of 46th Street and 6th Avenue, where Midtown Lunch blogger Mamacita and Jessica Lee Binder of Food Mayhem were also part of the crowd of well-wishers.

“What to order” ponders Zach for the last time at Kati Roll.

Later, the group moved on to Kati Roll Company, near the corner of 39th Street and 6th Avenue. Managing to snag a seat in the rear, the group (which had been joined by Danny of Food in Mouth) sat for a half hour or so and discussed food blogs in general, how to deal with nasty trolls in particular, and what Zach’s mode of operation would be once he hit L.A.

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