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Twist in December Slaying of Brooklyn Woman


When 50-year-old Hazel Clemens was found dead in Brooklyn Dec. 7, police initially said she was stabbed to death during a robbery. Her assailant, Christopher Alcocer, 36, was arrested and charged with murder, robbery and illegal weapons possession.

But as often happens, the initial account isn’t necessarily the full story.

Sources tell the Voice that Alcocer had gone to Clemens to buy drugs from her. Because Alcocer owed $200 to another dealer, Clemens gave him fake powder. When he demanded his money back, she told him to leave. They argued, and then she attacked him.

Brandishing a box-cutter, Clemens slashed Alcocer in the face, causing such a deep gash that he’s still being treated for his injuries at Bellevue Hospital.

Alcocer told the police that he was nearly blinded by her assault. He told detectives he reached for a knife sitting on a kitchen table and stabbed her in self defense. There was someone else in the apartment at the time, but it’s unclear whether that witness statement backs up Alcocer’s account.

Alcocer has pleaded not guilty, according to his defense lawyer, Joyce Kendrick. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office declined to comment.

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