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ACORN Pimp-Reporter, Arrested for Phone Tampering, Sent Home to Mommy, Daddy


Sometimes it appears God does have a sense of humor after all. James O’Keefe — the ACORN-pimp-video reporter found with his buddies doing something weird with Senator Mary Landrieu’s phones and arrested this week — has been ordered by a judge to live with his parents while he is out on a $10,000 bail bond. O’Keefe is 25.

O’Keefe’s lawyer claims that his client wasn’t trying to bug or tamper with the Senator’s phones, by which he may mean that it was the other guys in his posse — the ones posing as phone repairmen — who were doing the bugging.

Or maybe he has a still more exotic explanation, having to do with the damned liberal media and its lies. (Conservatives are very hot about the fact that some reports have O’Keefe arrested for bugging Landrieu rather than for tampering with her phones, and portray this as the real crime here.)

The expected next step is for everything reported about the trial, including the official transcript, to be denounced as socialist propaganda, and O’Keefe proclaimed a holy martyr. Meanwhile Larry David is said to be shopping a sitcom premise based on the four defendants’ youthful hijinx.



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