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Bloomberg’s Horrible Budget Sets Tone for Triumphant Third Term (Updated)


Mayor Bloomberg gave us a preview of his 2011 budget and it’s a downer: To shear $1.6 billion off the nearly $5 billion city budget deficit, he’s going to eliminate 4,286 city jobs, freeze most city workers’ salaries*, close as many as 20 fire engine companies, cut school nurses, libraries, and social health workers, close public swimming pools, and resort to other poverty-budget measures .

“The bottom line,” the mayor explained, “is we don’t have any money.”

In short, Bloomberg’s budget proclamation is much like Governor Paterson’s, except Paterson got his ass kicked for it because he’s blind and black and nobody likes him, whereas Bloomberg’s ass will be kissed, as usual, because he’s a business genius who has the managerial savvy to keep New York great.

*Update — Looks like teachers will be given, in their new contract, the option of taking a 2 percent raise on their first $70K of salary, or losing 2,500 jobs. All we can say is: first $70K of salary? We thought they did it for the kids!



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