David Bouley Pictures a July Opening for BrushStroke


Last September, we detailed David Bouley‘s substantial legal woes. Chief among them was a lawsuit filed against him by his landlord, who was suing the chef for $1.3 million in back rent and $600,000 in building repairs. The lawsuit was the latest in a long line of setbacks for Bouley’s newest project, BrushStroke, which was originally projected to open in 2008. But now, it looks like the Japanese kaiseki-style restaurant (which Bouley says will be New York’s first) will finally materialize in July.

Forays of a Finance Foodie attended a cooking demonstration Bouley gave on Monday at the International Culinary Institute, and learned that the chef plans to open BrushStroke in July. Forays also learned that Japanese mountain yam will play a prominent role on the restaurant’s menu, but roasted Wagyu won’t, since it should ideally be consumed within a mere three minutes of leaving the pan. No word on whether Bouley’s planning to serve the sea scallop, Alaskan dungeness crab, and mountain yam dumplings or house-made tofu he made for the demonstration, but those sound pretty damn good, too.

[Via Eater]


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