Fat Pants February: The Hot Chocolate and Pancake Festivals Start Next Week


It’s one of life’s crueler ironies that the shortest month of the calendar year feels like the longest. So props to the City Bakery and Clinton Street Baking Co. for their excellent sense of timing: what better way to (literally) insulate oneself from February’s spiteful cold and misery than with hot chocolate and pancakes?

Next Monday, the City Bakery kicks off its 18th-annual Hot Chocolate Festival with lemon hot chocolate. The festival’s full calendar, which includes new flavors like Chinese cinnamon, Hi Ho Pistachio, and Creamy Stout, is now up online.

About 18 blocks south and a few avenues east, the Clinton Street Baking Co. will celebrate the beginning of February with chocolate and blood orange pancakes with candied orange glaze. Other diabetic coma-inducing flavors include blackberry with pecan streusel and warm maple butter and crunchy banana with cinnamon-chili-chocolate sauce, the latter of which may as well be accompanied by the City Bakery’s Chili Pepper hot chocolate.

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