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Flushing Murder Victim’s Heart, Lungs Missing; Suspect Killer Ate Them


Police reveal that they have a suspect in the bludgeoning-stabbing death of Qian Wu in Flushing, but are still looking for the victim’s heart and lungs.

Cops have apprehended Huang Chen, who years ago sought both a job and romance from Wu, who was married and uninterested in him, and had been harassing her for years, drawing several orders of protection, which Chen apparently did not take seriously. He had also been arrested once for punching and strangling her.

Perhaps he could not accept that such a ladies’ man as himself could be resisted by Wu; video surveillance tapes of the crime’s aftermath suggest that he convinced his landlady to help him clean up the blood. (The landlady, Wenxin Zhang, is charged as an accessory.)

We think the cops’ quest for Wu’s organs is fruitless: the suspect clearly ate her entrails so that she would be with him always. It’s the only explanation that makes sense.


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