Lawyers for Frank Plaintiffs Put Out the Call for More Unhappy Workers


Last June, Mina Joo and Samantha Young Ai Kim, servers at Frank and Supper, filed a class-action lawsuit against the restaurants’ owner, Frank Prisinzano. The lawsuit alleged that Prisinzano allowed managers and other non-service employees to share in the waitstaff’s tip pool, and that employees weren’t paid an hourly wage or overtime. Now, lawyers for the plaintiffs have put out a call for other Frank workers to join the lawsuit.

The law firm’s website has put out a call for anyone “who worked as an hourly employee for Frank at any time between June 11, 2006 and the present,” regardless of legal work or immigrant status. The search for workers to join a class-action lawsuit may not be quite as much fun as a Top Chef casting call, but the eventual winnings may be as lucrative.

[Via Eater]


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