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‘Life Coach’ Jeffrey Locker’s Last Words of Encouragement: Choke Me, Stab Me!


At least one person took motivational speaker Jeffrey Locker’s advice to heart. To Locker’s heart, that is.

As we told you yesterday, the “life coach” may very well have plotted his own death at the hands of veteran stabber Kenneth Minor.

According to the Post’s scintillating account this morning, Minor himself seems to have been inspired by Locker’s instructions. The Post provides lots of detail, including quotes from the newly unsealed police report, which says Minor told cops:

“I tried to choke him with the wire, but it was old and kept breaking. He told me to use the knife. He said to hold it against the steering wheel with the blade facing him. I did that, and he leaned forward into the knife three to four times while I held it . . . He then told me to move the knife over to the other side where his heart is.

“I moved the knife over and he leaned forward into it a couple of more times. At that point, he was alive and breathing heavily. I got out of the car and threw the knife.”

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