New York

Obama’s “State of the Union” Speech Rocked


I wish I’d been in the audience for President Obama‘s “State of the Union” speech last night.

They stood up and sat down so many times they surely had power thighs by the end of it.

And a lot of their enthusiasm was warranted. Obama–facing a sliding approval rating as the economy continues to hit bottom and health care reform has reached an impasse–was spirited and optimistic, yet with an underlying sense of reality about our situation and all that needs to be done about it.

With way fewer people believing in him than when he took office, Obama appeared to believe in himself and that inspired confidence, at least from the vantage point in my upscale living room.

He was full of ideas and details, not just spewing vague feelgood promises that won’t do us any good. He even promised an end to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell! And he even got some laughs! The man is a total rock star!

Or was I just conned?

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