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Pete King, L.I. Congressbuffoon, Backs Bill to Stop New York Terror Trials, Others


A number of New York politicians (now including the Governor) are willing to cadge for the public’s love by announcing they are against holding the KSM terror trials in New York, but only Republican Congressman Peter King is willing to introduce legislation to prevent them.

King, best known for calling the newly-dead Michael Jackson a “pervert” and for demanding President Obama say the word “terror” more often, has introduced a bill that would deny the Justice Department funds to try any Guantanamo detainees in civilian courts — that is, it would if it had a hope in hell of passing. (Though even Democratic legislators from nowhere near New York have jumped on this no-New York-trial bandwagon, they probably won’t go for King’s call to ban all civilian trials for Gitmo suspects.)

Meanwhile it is rumored that New York State, whose current motto is “Excelsior” (from the Latin), is considering changing it to “Can’t Someone Else Do It?” (from The Simpsons).


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